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Cunningstunts love giving away free stuff so a new competition was launched with the best prize yet; a FREE full day of riding at the next Stunt Skills on May 10th, 2009 valued at $120!!!!

All you had to do was send in your favourite photo of yourself stunting to

The competition was open to all non-pro riders. And by 'non-pro', we meant people who have not provided motorcycle entertainment at an event.

However the competition closed on May 1st, 2009. With a good number of quality entries, it made the judges decision difficult, but after narrowing them down, it was decided the Winner should be none other than Dave Todd with his awesome trials bike wheelies. And although it wasn't originally in the plan, but because the competition was so close, a half price Stunt Skills will go to Wayne Arthy with his side saddle wheelie on his super motard. Congratulations guys and thanks to everyone else who submitted their entries.


Below is a sample of some of the entries:







In April 2008, Cunningstunts launched a competition where you submit your 30 second to 4 minute video of yourself stunting to win a bottle of Roil Gold Metal Conditioner. The competition closed on Sunday 31st August, 2008 and after the judges finished sifting through the entries, they decided the winner should be none other than B. Nicholson with his Crazy Bunch video. And Crazy it was!! An awesome display of tricks including skiing, christs, stoppies, burnouts, and wheelies.

To watch the awesome video that won the August competition, visit




The Cunningstunts YouTube competition where you submit your 30 second to 4 minute video of yourself stunting closed on the 31st of March, 2008.

Cunningstunts would like to congratulate Farnsworth from South Coast Locos as the March competition winner with an awesome burnout on his 2004 model GSXR1000. Farnsworth was awarded a Cunningstunts T-shirt and sticker pack for his efforts.

To see the video that won the competition as well as some other awsome videos from Farnsworth, visit

*** Disclaimer: Cunningstunts encourages entrants to always wear the appropriate safety gear and to stunt in a controlled environment.  ***

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