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Name: Mark Boxer
Age: 30
Home Town: Grew up in Adelaide
Currently Lives: Sydney
Occupation: TV Producer, Journalist
Bikes: 2004, Kawasaki ZX-6R, 1995 CBR600F3,
98 Honda CBR 900RR (919cc) "BLADEROD"
Previous bikes: 1987 Kawasaki GPZ250 Ninja (first bike, got pummelled by a car and spent time in hospital), Kawasaki KR250 (shit box),
1992 Suzuki RGV 250 (cost me a packet to own, but it was a cool bike back then), 1997 Suzuki GSXR 750 (Bone stock and bling. 1st bike I ever wheelied and it's all Pauly's fault, because I bought a copy of LVX1 when I owned it!), 1985 Honda MTX200 (an oddball import thingo. Kinda like an XR250, but 2-stroke and liquid cooled). MORE BIKES TO COME :)
Years Riding: 14, stunting since May 2004
Favourite Stunt/Trick: Combo and BIG burnouts
Best Stunting Moment:

Any moment stunting is a good moment

Worst Stunting Moment: Learning the handbreak, then learning the crutches
Favourite International Rider: Ernie - E-Dub, Nick Apex, Manny and Shin from Japan  
Thanks To: My team mates for the encouragement
Mick from MCA
James and Taryn from Grooveryder Fabrications
My old pal an stunt buddy Bladerod,
And my awesome girlfriend Janita for her support

Special Thanks To:

Message from Boxer:

After I left school I did my apprenticeship and became a mechanic. I loved anything that was fast and made heaps of noise, you only have to ask my mum how early in the morning we got to the motor rego office the day I turned 16 to do my licence test. After working as a mechanic for 8 years I moved on and found myself in the magazine trade after two years of office jobs and freelance working for Fast Fours Magazine here in Sydney. I'm now freelance again and cover (shoot and write) both car and bike content for some of Australia's biggest titles. As far as my passions are concerned, some people like tennis and golf, but I like stunt riding. Doing this stuff gives me a huge buzz and the fact that our sport is growing at a steady rate is a huge bonus for both us and others involved in it! Drop us a line as we'd love to hear from you!

Check out Boxer's Bladerod website - A site dedicated to his creation of Australia's toughest CBR900!

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